Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Is that all you got?

~ Cramps and pain, are you out of breath yet? The many tiny trails of sweat beads come rushing down the top of your forehead. The tightening of your abs, and the dizziness from working to hard. Just another cruel and twisted work out of Jeremy's happened today. Five, six , seven, eight...now faster...faster... I figure if they aren't as out of breath as I am then they are not dancing hard enough. I know it seems hard and cruel, but isn't it true? Don't all the good choreographers put their team to work even if it doesn't equal to the amount of time and hours it takes to put a performance togethger. I already know when it comes time to perform my group will be above and beyond everyone's else's slow ice sympathies of choral music. Good Job Isis, Nicole and Ricky. ~

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Friend, or Foe?

~ You sit through high school with the notion that you will receive the honor or wearing the feminine gown and walk across the stage to accept a toilet paper roll with nothing in it, just for completing school. Twelve even thirteen years of work and all you receive is a tube. I would have thought different, till I realized all the hard work and time I put into my projects doesn't really add up to how much time that roll is worth. Granted it shows how my intelligence as a human intellectual is high enough to walk among the other thousands of graduates that are making their way into the real world. Also paves a road to my future career, even my place in life. I reviewed my progress reports that make you aware of how unacceptable you are to the classroom; or enlighten you with the exuberant thrill of a "B". Of course it seems the one that needs that "C" to pass is always the one that fails. Luckily I on the other hand was able to make up and turn in five extra assignments. Yes, I did add more to her work pile. AS teachers aren't they supposed to help us, work with us, teach us of what we did wrong. It seemed that somewhere along the lines of "Will you please," and "Ok..But..." She blew the top. It was almost as if she thought I even dared to challenge her and even insult her authority. The fact of all this, wouldn't come of the mouth if teachers weren't so self absorbed. Do you think they realize they are now the teacher they once hated. If teachers are truly on our side and more for education than the money, why are they making it harder for us to go onto the next round of life? ~

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